Monday, 4 August 2008

politik? errk


ok guys, this time i want to talk about something serius. dont laugh ok. i really mean it. (sambil ngator tie). i want to talk about politics. the malaysian way. yedehh. honestly i can't help to be scare, confuse, out of place thinking about Malaysian politics. I may not know so much, being far away here. but nowadays, with internet n stuff. the once far away world are within reach.

I would say, Malaysian politics are now at its 'best'. dramatically. everbody want to be a drama queen. hehe. i was never interested in politics before and i thought, never will. but seeing the drama of our politics makes me anxious and excited. through youtube that is. just type anwar, khairy, paklah, saiful etc. you'll see what i mean. everytime i watch those vids, i got confused, which sides should i take. both partries, the government to date and the opponents, play their parts very well. its kinda like watching gossip girl! lots of sex, adultry, treachery and so on. but come to think of it. i was like, mmm whatever la.

i came across this piece of lawak from somewhere, malaysiakini if im not mistaken. created by Vijay Kumar Murugavell.

Legend has it that George Washington, America's first president, chopped down a cherry tree in his youth. George gives the tree a good swing and chops it down with an axe. His father sees the damaged tree and asks his son if he knows who did the deed. George is quoted bravely admitting the truth: "I can't tell a lie, pa. You know I can't tell a lie. I did cut it with my axe."

This is a satire of how some Malaysian politicians circa 2008 may have reacted to the question :

PM Badawi - I did not cut down the tree , I was just taking a nap underneath it.

Najib - I swear that I have never MET that tree.

Hishamuddin - ..... but I only own a keris ,not axe, how to cut down the tree.

Dr. Mahathir - Apa nama cherry tree, I chopped it down because , I don't like the idea of Pak lah sleeping under it.

Chua Soi Lek - Yes it was me, I resign as caretaker of this orchard.

VK Lingam - It could be me, it might have been me but I don't think its me.

Anwar Ibrahim - I DID NOT do it, and I am not giving any DNA samples for you to plant on the axe handle.

Khir Toyo - The new state government should just trim the grass and not waste time asking who cut the tree.

Ahmad Said - I chopped it because cherry trees are more expensive to maintain than durian trees.

Azalina Othman - The cherry tree is not included under my tourism MOU so I cut it down besides there were unauthorized signboards put up around the tree.

Shabery Cheek - I challenge you to a debate on tree cutting.

Samy Velu - I chopped it because HINDRAF members were using it as a meeting point.

Wira Ali Rustam - We have planted Durian trees for 50 years and we will plant them for another 50 years, we do not need cheery trees, apple trees, pear trees and all these other foreign trees.

Rais Yatim - You must see the bigger picture, Ahmad said cherry trees are expensive to maintain, Ali Rustam said that are against our national identity and I needed to test my new axe, so you see- its a WIN-WIN situation all around.

Sharir Samad - I cut the tree because we could no longer afford to subsidize it.

Karpal Singh - The bigfoot creature did it.

Bung Mokhtar - The big monkey did it.

Pandikar Amin Mulia - There is nothing in the standing orders against chopping cherry trees. Kinabatangan duduk, Bukit Gelugor duduk. Sit down.

Khairy Jamaluddin - I did not do it, neither did the mat rempits. By the way, what's a cherry tree ?

Lim Kit Siang - In response to Khairy - cherry tree also you don't know, you are an insult to Oxford.

Nazri Aziz - Racist, racist, racist, when we cut down durian trees nobody made a fuss.

Malaysian Citizens - Oh for heavens sake! Somebody plant something before we all starve to death.

hahaha lawak2!



asma said...

makin tere ktk speaking deng.bangga mek ehs..sik kedak dolok. bila ta tiga apis speaking, ktk lah paling local sekali bunyi..hehe..jgn marah..p/s:apis yg mesan suruh mek anok tak dlm blog. k bye.

Shahrul said...

kitak org nang keji, nang suka dengki ngan aku. u know what? nang dr dolok ku terer speaking, just sik mok ngeso depan ktk duak apis nak, klk kitak org rasa rendah dirik nak.

well mun sik sikla ielts ku 7.5, ambik kau hahaha

Rudy said...

wah 7.5 patut bedebu gilak kakar omputeh.....ish ish ish..

Shahrul said...

erkkk.. berdebu-debu sampe berbuih2 mulut hahahaha

doff said...

yahhhhh harus bold italic underline 7.5 ya nak? hahaha

kudos *klep klep hen

renxokuken said...

boring ku maca post tok onnn..sik paham huhuhuh :( hehe... n sik over mcm selalu heheh... kau ngan politik ku rasa kureng chemistry... pizik jak

Shahrul said...

aii sik lah na'alah jadi diva nak, ada masa kita jadi urg biasa nak, klaka benda biasa2. errk so lame. aku pun sik tauk tetiba nak kakar hal politik indah.

renxokuken said...

ya retinya dah tua dah kau ya... dah nak berbini gik hehehe